Current projects

Collective States:   1 – 22 December 2018


Group exhibition @ Art Collective WA, curated by Paola Anselmi.


Collective States investigates points of connection between artists working across media in WA. The exhibition traces not only the diversity of expression and creation in contemporary art practice, but also the ability of artists to broadly explore different directions within their own art practices. The intent of the curatorial collaboration was to showcase a selection of mid-career artists whose enduring and dedicated practice has consistently led to exploratory investigations informed by decades of knowledge and research. While artists were not asked to work to a theme or pigeonholed by style or methodology, the exhibition has given voice to a series of personal and universal narratives revealing the influences and experiences that have shaped their artistic practice.

Featuring work by Christophe Canato, Jennifer Cochrane, Mel Dare, Louise Dickmann, Jane Finlay, Indra Geidans, Paul Kaptein, Susan Roux, Vanessa Russ and Lynnette Voevodin. Guest Curator: Paola Anselmi.





Endings are Beginnings:  the Stories I Tell Myself    16 – 25 November 2018


Solo exhibition by Melanie Dare @ November Art|Event|Space, curated by Ron Nyisztor.



Endings are Beginnings:  the Stories I Tell Myself is a survey of a body of work started 2013.  It investigates fabric as a metaphor for personal narrative and is an exploration of the subjectivity of time, moments and memories.

Dare was born and raised in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia to an Australian farmer and a refugee mother, who fled former Czechoslovakia with her family after WWII.  The starting point for this current body of work began in 2013 in the Czech Republic when she revisited her mother’s homeland and developed a further interest in the notion of self.

Dare explores how an individual is constructed, threaded together by divergent strands of culture as well as the moments of time and place in which we exist. Gentle strands and crude stitches forming the pattern of conditioning imposed by external and internal influences. Weaving filters to see through, blankets to comfort ourselves, nets to save us and maps by which to navigate. Formed by our simple yet almost all consuming need to survive and our equally strong desire for comfort.




PCWK10:   16 – 30 September 2018



Group exhibition @ Nyisztor Gallery.  Curated by Ron Nyisztor.


The 10th edition of curator Ron Nyisztor’s annual group exhibition Pure Contemplation Without Knowledge. Artists included:  Carla Adams, Amanda Alderson, Charmaine Ball, Linda Banazis, David Brophy, Di Cubitt, Melanie Dare, Michael Francas, Fiona Harman, Andre Lipscombe, Laszlo Lukacs, Ellen Norish, Racheal Salmon Lomas, Susan Roux, Helen Smith, Ric Spencer, Serge Tampalini, Wade Taylor, Monique Tippett, Daniel Webster, Gera Woltjer, and Greg Woodward



Guanyin in the South West –  A Portrait of Taiwan in Perth:  2017 – 2018


Two exhibitions at City Art Space 1 -7 August and Midland Junction Art Centre 11 August – 28 September 2018.



Through an extensive program of workshops, meetings, studio visits and cultural tours, twenty WA artists and twenty Taiwanese women share cultural objects and making skills. The aim of this project is to foster cultural understanding, respect and integration; to provide a platform to connect; to encourage face-to-face engagement; to build a sense of belonging through cultural mapping; and to create a local project with a global outlook.

The project culminated in exhibitions A Portrait of Taiwan in Perth at City Arts Space 1 – 7 August 2018 and  Antipodean Encounters:  Western Australian Artists and Taiwanese Culture at Midland Junction Arts Centre 11 August – 28 September 2018.

The first exhibition presented twenty photographic portraits of the Perth-based Taiwanese women by their artist partner.  The second displayed painting, watercolour, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics and textiles. Together the artists and Taiwanese women have translated these dialogues and the artists have responded to the exchange through new work that helps us navigate the increasingly complex issues embedded in the hybrid cultural society we live in.

Participating artists: Nalda Searles, Olga Cironis, Janine McAullay Bott, Sarah Toohey, Perdita Philips, Eva Fernandez, Carmela Corvaia, Vanessa Wallace, Elizabeth Marruffo, Mel Dare, Claire Bushby, Louise Monte, Denise Violet Brown, Beverly Iles, Sharon Callow, Elizabeth Devlin, Shona McGregor, Alina Tang, Emily Ten Raa, Candy Chiao-Yun Lee, Imogen Blow and Della Cornish.



Silence Awareness Existence Residency:   2 – 31 March 2018


This thematic residency program brought together 13 international artists and other creative professionals from different backgrounds.  Artistic, scientific, meditative and existentialistic approaches are all equally embraced.  Taking place at the heart of the Northern winter, the conditions are excellent for concentrating intensively on work, thinking and being, as well as for sharing experiences and ideas with other, similarly oriented minds.





Selected for the Collie Art Prize 2018:   3 March – 15 April 2018


The Collie Art Gallery has launched an ambitious biennial major art event, with the largest single art prize to be awarded throughout regional Australia.  45 artists from around Australia have been selected as Finalists.  The Collie Art Prize’s theme of Identity invites artists to submit significant artworks which will explore the age-old issues of identity and belonging that define who we are and how we relate to the world around us.






Pulling Threads project:  2013 – ongoing


A self-initiated project which investigates the construction of personal narrative in relation to how meaning is created.












The Subjectivity of Time project:  1999 – ongoing


A self-initiated project which investigates the subjectivity of time.  Including an investigation into the relationship of time and subjectivity and memory, deconstruction of ideas, and the surface.









The Identity project:  1999 – ongoing


A self-initiated project which investigates the intricacies of identity, gender and personal narrative.