Stations of the Cross 2017 @ GRAG

26th May – 11th June 2017

Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, Geraldton, WA


Running for the 8th year, the Stations of the Cross is curated by Claire Bushby and featured newly commissioned artworks by fifteen Western Australian contemporary artists.  The artists were invited to created artworks, specially commissioned for the show.

The fifteen artworks correspond to the traditional story of Easter and the ritual of the ‘Stations of the Cross’. While pertaining to a religious narrative, participating artists each interpret a single ‘station’ through their personal and unique understanding of Easter and the human experiences and themes that underlie it.

The commissioned artists – who hail from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds – were asked to focus on the embodiment of humanity within their works and to engage in interfaith dialogue by exploring universal human experiences such as loss, grief, oppression, and mortality. Through a variety of art forms – including painting, sculpture, and textiles – the exhibition bridges between sacred stories and the issues and events that are present in our contemporary world.