2013 to current

Mel Dare has three main interrelated projects she has been working on during the period of 2013 to now.  The first – Pulling Threads – began in 2013 when the artist visited her mother’s homeland.  It centres around the construction of personal narrative.  The second project – The Subjectivity of Time – began in 1999 with the body of work called Deconstruction of a moment.  This lead to an ongoing investigation into the relationship with time, memory, and subjectivity.  Deviating slightly to look into the formation of ideas and what is beyond the surface.  The third – The Identity project – also started in 1999 with the intent to re-evaluate Manet’s painting Olympia within a contemporary context as a self-portrait.  This lead to a body of work which investigates identity and gender.  These can be viewed through the Ongoing projects link in the Portfolio menu.