Florid series, 2014

This body of work began in the Czech Republic while I was visiting my mother’s homeland. Immersed in such a long history full of beauty and dark passages I developed a further interest in the notion of self.  How an individual is constructed, threaded together

Points of reference series, 2014

  Whether by choice or without conscious moment by moment we are continually gathering and discarding points of reference throughout our lifetime. Ways of understanding who we are; determining how we relate to the world. Influenced by our family, culture, geography, and biology. Effecting the way

Traces of the Past, 2014

      Versions of the past imprinted on the facades of the buildings of Perth. The decorative remains of bygone eras. Decorations constructed, borrowed, transplanted from other eras, other cultures, other lands. Reading the stories of white settlement I began to see distorted patterns which became white

Beginnings are Endings, 2014

    Exhibited in Mel Dare's solo exhibition A Momentary Considerations at Art Collective WA  20 August 2015 – 12 September 2015.

Mine, 2014

Humans are social animals. We feel the need to identify, to belong. An extension of this is ownership: setting up fences, laws and etiquette to define, contain and guard what is mine, what is yours, what is ours. We conquer nations; assimilating culture, customs and