Olympia series, 2016

  Exhibited in Steal at Linton & Kay Galleries (Perth City, Western Australia) 28 May - June 2016.   Curated by Anna Sabadini. Steal is a group show that celebrates the ideas of other painters, even, yes, pinching them.  This is a time-honoured tradition - it links with the past

Mel Dare, A thought in progress, white ink on black Revere Magnani paper, 76 x 109cm, 2016

A thought in progress series, 2016

    Meaning embeds itself one mark at a time. Poised wrist I wait. Every moment an intersection. Left, right, straight or do I stall? As the path becomes more obvious the direction becomes clear. Some possibilities diminish while others are exposed.   I am interested in how we

Constructing memory series (solo exhibition), 2016

    Memories are mothers, lovers, bullies on a rampage.  Protectors, seducers, tormentors.  Drowning, smothering, saving us again and again.  Images flash - pain, pleasure, ambivalence.  Held in a present long since past, reminding.   Solo exhibition by Mel Dare.   10th - 23rd October 2016 Peekaboo Gallery - Northbridge, Western Australia.

Lines that Define series (exhibition), 2016

  17 June - 3 July 2016 Paper Mountain ARI, Perth   Lines that Define: the exploration of subjectivity and perspective by artists Olga Cironis and Mel Dare. Inspired by their personal narratives and migrant cultural contexts, Cironis and Dare produce socially-charged yet personal 3D and flatline works respectively. While