100 Days to Create a Narrative

15 – 28 May 2015

Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University – Mt Lawley, Western Australia.


In 100 days Mel Dare finds many questions and some answers.

Through her work the artist has delved into many different but interrelating subjects including subjectivity, psychology, identity, time and perspective. Recently she has been preoccupied with the neurological and biological mechanisms centralised around the implications of being.

This has to lead the artist to re-examine the theme of identity, resulting in this current project where the artist undertook a 100 day visual monologue which became an investigation into the construction of personal narrative. Each day the artist produced an artwork. As part of this process she recognised some moments stood out from the others. Most moments were discarded. Pushed aside. Forgotten before taking form. A few lingered, gathered and consolidated to become her daily subjects. This visual monologue is a reflection on a series of moments. It is part of the artist’s ongoing preoccupation with how meaning is constructed, how individual perspective and understanding is created, distorted and sustained.


Review of 100 Days 26 May 2015