Silence Awareness Existence Residency Catalogue Info

Melanie Dare


Exploring personal narrative


“Transplanted from my home in a sunburnt city into a snow-ladened countryside with twelve other artists from different geo-cultural areas around the world I became intrigued by context and its impact.
I began to see the individual as a series of behaviours rather than a fixed personality. The importance of context and the process of acclimatisation. I wondered how an individual obtains a sense of belonging and ownership. I also wondered what is under all that snow?

In many different ways I explored these ideas. Including weaving chaotic patterns out of string; damaging then repairing different substrates; painting small colour swatches of the same landscape over and over again; drawing my reactions to others and to myself; writing; and photographing the landscape in an attempt to understand more. This is the starting point for a new body of work.
I loved my time at Arteles. The landscape was beautiful and profound. The people: wonderful, inspiring and dedicated. The space was perfect for contemplation, reflection and research.
There is a gentleness and understanding which comes from working and living with people during periods of silence. Every time I finished the 2 days of silence I felt I had very little to say just more to explore – it was precious. It was also at times very challenging. I not only deepened my art practice; I also gained a greater understanding of myself.”