Endings are Beginnings: the Stories I Tell Myself solo exhibition

16 – 25 November 2018.

November Art|Event|Space, 114/147 Canning Highway, East Fremantle, Western Australia

Join us for the opening of Endings are Beginnings: the Stories I Tell Myself by Melanie Dare and the launch of NOVEMBER Art|Event|Space, located in East Fremantle.

Endings are Beginnings: the Stories I Tell Myself is a survey of work started in 2013. It investigates fabric as a metaphor for personal narrative and is an exploration of the subjectivity of time, moments and memories.

Dare was born and raised in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia to an Australian farmer and a refugee mother, who fled former Czechoslovakia with her family after WWII. The starting point for Dare’s current work began in 2013 in the Czech Republic when she revisited her mother’s homeland and developed a further interest in the notion of self.

Through her artwork Dare explores notions of how an individual is constructed, threaded together by divergent strands of culture as well as the moments of time and place in which we exist. Gentle strands and crude stitches forming the pattern of conditioning imposed by external and internal influences. Weaving filters to see through, blankets to comfort ourselves, nets to save us and maps by which to navigate. Formed by our simple yet almost all-consuming need to survive and our equally strong desire for comfort.

Melanie Dare is a research-led, process-based visual artist based in Perth, Western Australia. She explores varying but interrelated subjects including psychology, sociology, neurology, biology, identity, perspective and physics with the intent of understanding how meaning is constructed within individual subjectivity.