Collective States

1 – 22 December 2018.

Art Collective WA, Cathedral Square, 2/565 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia.










Collective States investigates points of connection between artists working across media in WA. The exhibitiontraces not only the diversity of expression and creation in contemporary art practice, but also the ability of artists to broadly explore different directions within their own art practices. The intent of the curatorial collaboration was to showcase a selection of mid-career artists whose enduring and dedicated practice has consistently led to exploratory investigations informed by decades of knowledge and research. While artists were not asked to work to a theme or pigeonholed by style or methodology, the exhibition has given voice to a series of personal and universal narratives revealing the influences and experiences that have shaped their artistic practice.

Featuring work by Christophe Canato, Jennifer Cochrane, Mel Dare, Louise Dickmann, Jane Finlay, Indra Geidans, Paul Kaptein, Susan Roux, Vanessa Russ and Lynnette Voevodin. Guest Curator: Paola Anselmi.


Photographer:  Christophe Canato and Art Collective WA.