Artworks for Continuity and Change, Future exhibition

MELANIE DARE & MADELEINE BEECH collaborated during the first half of 2019. Exhibiting the outcome in the group exhibition Continuity and Change, Future at Mundaring Art Centre opening 25 May 2019.

Melanie Dare and Madeleine Beech started their collaboration discussing pillars from a neighbour’s vandalised fence. An old, worn, violated border which each artist explored within the parameters of their artistic and conceptual practices.

Beech’s work exists as a sculptural assemblage of elemental forms which classified, ordered and positioned next to each other, emerge as artefacts. Through a process of remodelling, these familiar found objects are transformed, allowing new meanings to emerge while reflecting their past. The arch represents a transition point, a passage through time.

Gauze covers the deteriorated and fragmented boundary of a stranger’s home. Paint flaked with the touch of the needle as Dare stitched. At the start of this collaboration Dare had an operation, her wound packed with gauze. As she sewed, part of her mended.