Le Salon Scintillant exhibition series, 2013

    Ideas rarely come out of thin air. One should be so lucky. Mostly they seep from the gutter, hide in the cracks of pavement, linger around street corners, reflect in neighbours’ windows, in the space between day and night, in shadows resting on window ledges, out of

Drawn within, 2012

    Exhibited  in Drawn Within at Peek-a-Boo Gallery - Northbridge, Western Australia 15 June - 6 July 2012.

Somatosensory, 2011

    I am interested in how we are defined and confined by the physiology, the sociology, the geography, and the time period in which we are born in and live. These contexts which define us and give us meaning. Meaning which is built, sustained and discarded

Self portrait, 2009

    Sometimes I try so very hard to define, to understand that in the end, all that's left is a series of outlines and a smudge of something which was once solid and tangible.  I have a suspicion this includes myself. -  Mel Dare   Exhibited in the

Deconstructing 1999-2009 (sculptural works)

      Artwork series:    Honours series Deconstruction of the 'moment' exhibited at Curtin Art Gallery as part of Minimal Collateral Damage.  5 December 1999 - 23 January 2000. Map 1, 2 and 8 are examples of sculptural work from Dare's solo exhibition Intersecting Moments exhibited at The

Suspend, 2008

    This artwork was created not long after a family member passed away from a long, slow death.