Le Salon Scintillant exhibition series, 2013

    Ideas rarely come out of thin air. One should be so lucky. Mostly they seep from the gutter, hide in the cracks of pavement, linger around street corners, reflect in neighbours’ windows, in the space between day and night, in shadows resting on window ledges, out of

Clarity of a moment, 2013

    "I am interested in how we are defined and confined by the physiology, the sociology, the geography, and the time period in which we are born in and live. These contexts which define us and give us meaning. Meaning which is built, sustained and discarded

Luminous, 2013

    Through science we are continually learning different ways we construct reality. How our feelings, thoughts and understanding of our world is a series of processes, as much determined by our background and lifestyle, as by our genes. Some processes keep us breathing, others are less