Pulling Threads: 2013 – ongoing




The starting point for Dare’s current body of work began 2013 in the Czech Republic when she revisited her mother’s homeland. It furthered her interest in how an individual is constructed. Threaded together by gentle strands and crude stitches forming the pattern of conditioning imposed by external and internal influences. Weaving filters to see through, blankets to comfort ourselves, maps to navigate by and nets to save us. Formed by our simple yet almost all-consuming need to survive and our equally strong desire for comfort.  Below are examples of artworks and bodies of work from this investigation (reverse chronological order).



Series and individual works


100 Days to Create a Narrative series (solo exhibition), 2015

A momentary consideration series (solo exhibition), 2015

Apperception, 2015

Contemplation series, 2015

Don’t Be Such a Girl series, 2021

Florid series, 2014

Lines that Define series (exhibition), 2016

Mending Broken Boundaries series, 2019-2020

Points of reference series, 2014

Remembering, 2019

Sometimes I feel, 2017

Thawed, 2019

The stories I tell myself 2, 2017

The stories I tell myself, 2017

The study of fabric series, 2017

The weight of waiting, 2017

Traces of the Past, 2014

Veil, 2015