Endings are Beginnings, 2017

    Selected for the Mid West Art Prize 2017 at Geraldton Regional Art Prize - Geraldton, Western Australia.  17 - 31 July 2017

Horizons of the past, 2017

    Exhibited in the Royal Perth Art Prize 2017 at Wilkinson Gallery - Claremont, Western Australia.  19 -30 September 2017.

Mel Dare, A thought in progress, white ink on black Revere Magnani paper, 76 x 109cm, 2016

A thought in progress series, 2016

    Meaning embeds itself one mark at a time. Poised wrist I wait. Every moment an intersection. Left, right, straight or do I stall? As the path becomes more obvious the direction becomes clear. Some possibilities diminish while others are exposed.   I am interested in how we

Constructing memory series (solo exhibition), 2016

    Memories are mothers, lovers, bullies on a rampage.  Protectors, seducers, tormentors.  Drowning, smothering, saving us again and again.  Images flash - pain, pleasure, ambivalence.  Held in a present long since past, reminding.   Solo exhibition by Mel Dare.   10th - 23rd October 2016 Peekaboo Gallery - Northbridge, Western Australia.

Sometimes a moment is just a moment, 2015

    Caught between the past and future; programmed by culture and genetics we orientate and organise our lives using underlying stories which are threaded together moment by moment. Catagorising and compartmentalising as we go. Most experiences forgotten before they reach consciousness. Others shoved to the side

100 Days to Create a Narrative series (solo exhibition), 2015

    Spectrum Project Space, Edith Cowan University - Mount Lawley, Western Australia.  15 - 28 May 2015.     In 100 days Mel Dare finds many questions and some answers.   Through her work the artist has delved into many different but interrelating subjects including subjectivity, psychology, identity, time and perspective.

Beginnings are Endings, 2014

    Exhibited in Mel Dare's solo exhibition A Momentary Considerations at Art Collective WA  20 August 2015 – 12 September 2015.

Clarity of a moment, 2013

    "I am interested in how we are defined and confined by the physiology, the sociology, the geography, and the time period in which we are born in and live. These contexts which define us and give us meaning. Meaning which is built, sustained and discarded

Luminous, 2013

    Through science we are continually learning different ways we construct reality. How our feelings, thoughts and understanding of our world is a series of processes, as much determined by our background and lifestyle, as by our genes. Some processes keep us breathing, others are less