The Subjectivity of Time: 1999 – ongoing

A self-initiated project which investigates the subjectivity of time.  Including the relationship of time, memory and subjectivity plus the deconstruction of ideas, and the surface.



Series and individual works.



Synaptic Terminal 2930938966502918474582193456789422012, 2012

Process, 2004

Echo, 2004

Deconstruction of a moment series, 1999

Map series, 2001

Surface series, 2001

Retrospect series, 2001

Interplay residency, 2005

From here to there, 2007

Line, 2011

Impression series, 2011

Clarity of a moment, 2013

100 Days to Create a Narrative series (solo exhibition), 2015

Ways of seeing, 2012

Somatosensory, 2011

Luminous, 2013

Beginnings are Endings, 2014

Sometimes a moment is just a moment, 2015

Mel Dare, A thought in progress, white ink on black Revere Magnani paper, 76 x 109cm, 2016

A thought in progress series, 2016

Horizons of the past, 2017

Endings are Beginnings, 2017

Deconstructing 1999-2009 (sculptural works)

Constructing memory series (solo exhibition), 2016